Meet Exo Angel

How can we help people? What if we could help you live longer and experience more in life?
Say hello to Exo Angel.

Inspired by exo-skeletons and guardian angels, we designed a smart wearable protection system that it always looking after you. It’s a comfortable, lightweight suit of armor packed with technology.

The Exo Angel monitors your body’s health and protects you from your surroundings. It is truly like having a guardian angel looking over you.

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Minimizes Exposure

Helping prevent exposure to harmful elements.

Exo Angel Minimizes:

Air Pollution, Smoke, UV Rays, Radiation, Exhaust Fumes, Smog, Allergines, Carcinogens, and Viruses.

Armor Protection

Helps prevent your body from serious injury or death

Exo Angel Protects

Bullet Proof Kevlar Suit, Carbon Fiber Ballistic Proof Helmet, Armored Plates, Knife Proof suit, Protects Head and Vital Organs.

Comfortable to Wear

Climate Controlled to reduce body temperature stress.

Exo Angel Life Suit

Climate Controlled, Flexible suit, Lightweight, Wicking Fabric, Smooth Under layer, Activity Tested

Health Monitoring

Exo Angel motivates you to reach your health goals

Amazing Health Tracking

Activity Tracking, Exercise Tracking, Heart Rate Monitoring, Brain Activity Monitoring, Goal Tracking, Activity Recommendations

HUD Integration

Micro projector displays eye tracking voice activated interactivity

Communication Features

Hands Free Communication, Video Calls, Pairs with all Mobile Devices, Syncs with Cloud Data, VR Gaming Mode, HD Video Movie Streaming

Life Saving

If you have an emergency health issue, Exo Angel can save your life

Exo Angel Saves

911 Automated Calling, Voice Reading Symptoms, GPS Coordinates Sent, Stroke Victim Detection, Heart Attack Detection, Automatic Defibrillator



Heads Up Display (HUD) uses high-definition micro projector technology to display user interface on inside of visor. Benefits and features include: Hands Free Communication, Video Calls, Pairs with all Mobile Devices, Syncs with Cloud Data, VR Gaming Mode, and HD Video Movie Streaming.

Lithium-Ion Batteries in the helmet and backpack are recharged by body mounted solar panels and kinetick energy produced by walking and arm movement.


  • Health Monitoring

  • Brain Activity Monitoring

  • 911 Automated Calling & Reporting

  • GPS Coordinates Sent to 911

  • Stroke Victim Detection

  • Heart Attack Detection

  • Automatic Defibrillator

Exo Angel Gallery

Go anywhere – Do everything.

Exo Angel Design

Exo Angel is available in 7 color options, each with a unique style and attitude on par with Tony Stark and Michael Jackson.

The Most Frequently Asked Question That We Get:

But… What If There’s a Zombie Apocalypse?

Can Exo Angel Save Me?

Say Hello to
Zombie Prevention Mode!

If Exo Angel detects no brain activity, it will presume that you have turned into a zombie and set off a small explosive charge in the helmet.

*DISCLAIMER: Due to low brain activity, drug users and some individuals affiliated with certain political parties may experience random explosions.

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Exo Angel is a Conceptual Design Project created for a graduate study assignment at Marywood University
by Daryl Stevens – owner of Studio 202.

Assignment: “Create a new invention that could potentially change the world.” Exo Angel is NOT an actual product available for purchase, however any donations are helpful towards keeping the dream alive. A special thanks to all those who helped, especially Charles Long who taught me Z-Brush!

Thank You for viewing Exo Angel! –Daryl Stevens